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Outfox the competition and build a passive income, easy-to-fulfill, dream business faster and easier than you ever thought possible, even if you've never sold anything online before.

From the desk of your friend, Jeanne Kolenda,

6 months ago, I discovered a radical new way of building my passive income business using FREE, easy-to-use, AI tools. 

I’ll tell you the details in a second, but it boils down

to this... 

I started positioning myself as an AI expert, but here's the dirty little secret... I know very little about AI.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know there’s been a huge shift in the marketing world. 

That, of course, is Artificial Intelligence.

Here’s the deal…

Toward the end of last year, every single business person I spoke to asked me how I could use AI to improve their marketing.

I realized that business owners were looking for AI marketing experts. And, if I positioned myself as an AI marketing expert, I’d have more business than I knew what to do with, but then I had a big problem.

I knew nothing about AI. (And, I wasn't planning on spending a whole lot of time learning about it either.)

So, I found a trusted expert who showed me an easy way to use FREE AI Tools for my clients' marketing. 



And when it rains,

it pours!

And now, I could legitimately position myself as an AI expert without having to go through all the work learning to become one.

Let me make this clear – I am now getting more clients than I can deal with for my Social Posting Business because I have positioned myself as an AI expert. 

Here is how my business works today...

I created BRAND-NEW graphics, videos, and Stories to position me as an AI expert. I still offer my clients the same social posting as I always have, however, FREE and easy-to-use AI Tools have allowed me to offer unique text-generated AI content for each client. This is the part that Triple Thundered my business because I have actually been able to expand my social posting to other services using AI text-generated content...like web content, blogs, and google posts. This means I can charge more!

Listen up!

I got so excited about this, I decided to create a whole course for you about using AI positioning to get business.

Imagine what having an AI-assisted income can do for you! What would your life be like if you had passive income like I have?

Here is what my life is like...

My husband and I travel a 100 days out of the year in our RV. Check out these pictures. Here are a few pictures of my adventures:

Here is what having a passive income

like I have can do:

*You can quit that job you hate

*Pay for kids' or grandkids' college

*Go on vacations

*Tour the country in an RV

*Just have a stay-cation

*Or, just make a bunch of money and not worry about the future

*Give more to your favorite charities

*Get rid of that pit in your stomach

If this is the life you want for you and your loved ones, pay close attention to what I’m about to offer you, because my friend, I’m going to reveal exactly how I harnessed the power of AI, tripled my business, while working even less than I used to...and I get to travel with my husband and support his passion for photography.


AI Social Experts is my new training that is going to teach you exactly how to position yourself as an AI Expert on social media. In addition, you'll be invited to a special webinar training by my "Trusted AI Guru Friend" to teach you how to use these FREE AI Tools to serve your clients and grow your business.

Here's What You'll Receive By


Report On How To

Use AI On Facebook

80 Social Media Graphics and Comment Sheet

Report On How To

Use AI On Instagram

Report On How To

Use AI On Twitter

Report On How To

Use AI On Pinterest

Report On How To Use AI On Google Business Profile

Report On How To

Use AI On LinkedIn

Report On How To

Use AI On TikTok

Report On How To

Use AI On YouTube

This is not an AI app or a set of prompts.


You will receive Charles Harper's training on

Chat GPT from his

"AI Marketing Playbook"


If you can find any marketer who specializes in AI Social Posting offering a package with EIGHT, count 'em EIGHT Social Platforms and including 80 posting images for less than my price, I'll buy their package for YOU!

One of my best marketing buddies, Bruce Newmedia, told me I was looney to offer all this for a price so low - "You're simply mad!" he said. Maybe, so before they cart me off to the Funny Farm, GRAB THIS and pay attention to the OTO's too!

I'll never price ANYTHING this low again - EVER.

Why mince words?

This is a COLOSSAL Opportunity...Think of it as a late Easter Gift.

Most of you know me and if you don't, you will!

  • I won’t bring up unethical results you can't produce.

  • I won't mention silly 'Ninja tricks' that never work.

  • I refuse to say one word about using HIGH PRESSURE selling to get deals. But I will include all the vital information you need to position your brand to attract great leads.

  • Testimonials

    I've worked with Jeanne for many years, and there is no one more dedicated to bringing sharp, cutting edge products to the market. You'll always know you're getting the best, based on her personal experience. It isn't just theory! She has an amazing team and they're all equally ready to bring their best to you.

    Lee Cole

    EZProfits Software

    “There’s a reason why Jeanne's Internet businesses brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. It’s because she cares more about her clients and students than her own return. Now, Jeanne has compiled the best overall social marketing product yet this year.

    I would never offer THIS MUCH for SO LITTLE.

    Just assume she's having a senior moment and take advantage of it before she realizes and pulls it off the shelf!"

    ~ Uncle Bruce


    Q: Give it to me straight; Does using AI and Expert positioning with multiple social platforms really make a difference?

    A: Absolutely- it makes a HUGE difference...as you know a single social media platform just can't compare to an 'Army' of Eight platforms. BUT, now add AI and expert positioning you will simply be UNSTOPPABLE.


    You'll have at your fingertips the same technology giant corporations use to clobber their competitors...you become the 'supervisor' rather than the worker.

    Q: What if I only want to add a couple of social platforms? Would that be worth it?

    A: For sure. Each new platform ramps up your exposure and brings you in contact with an entirely new audience. Each platform adds another 'layer' of exposure.

    Q: Do You Have A Support Desk?

    A: Yes, I'm known for my support. I have a full time staff, which very few marketers have. PLUS I have a Facebook Group with over 1,000 members where we help each other. I promise you I am not hiding out in my basement!

    Q:What if I'm not an expert in AI?

    A: I'm not either and it doesn't matter. There is a ton of information out there and getting up to speed should not be a problem.  However, I'm including some special reports that summarize the many ways you can use AI for each social media platform. Also, make sure you sign up for a special webinar with my trusted AI Guru friend.  You will be sent a link after your purchase.

    Due to the nature of the digital assets in this offer, there are NO REFUNDS! When you purchase, you can't exactly "give them back." And why would you, anyway? 

    Also, please be advised you cannot resell these images; they are for your personal use. 

    For support: Contact [email protected]   

    That will take you to our Zendesk support ticket system which is monitored constantly. You can expect a reply typically on the same day.

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